Niche Marketing and Skin Care Product Development Business

Niche Marketing and Skin Care Product Development Business


One of the key issues associated with importing any product is deciding on what niche of the product or product category to focus on. With so much competition in the marketplace, it’s best to specialize, find a niche and fill its needs. In one of my recent posts, I covered importing health and beauty products from Thailand. The Internet and Google search engine is a great tool to discover the enormous size of for example the natural skincare niche, products that claim to help improve skin elasticity, boost skin hydration level, combat environmental stress, etc. Find a need and develop a product to fill it, products that the consumers are looking for. Niche Marketing and Skin Care Product Development Business.

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One of the most lucrative niches in health and beauty products are anti-aging creams and lotions, as well as other related products dealing with this topic, a very lucrative niche indeed.

Acne is yet another huge niche in skincare and beauty products. There is a wide spectrum of Acne products being sold on the Internet every day. But it is not just creams and lotions, in other words, “physical” products that sell, the information products sell just as well and can help you in your search for suitable product development ideas, where to outsource its manufacture overseas, and where to ultimately import it. To help you investigate how hot the market is in the United States, or any other country, in any niche, you can look up the traffic each topic generates on the Internet, in whatever the country, by utilizing Google Trends. Just key in “acne,” “anti-aging” and similar keywords and see what you get – you’ll be amazed what you’ll find and soon you’ll team with ideas for product development, manufacture, and importing. Niche Marketing and Skin Care Product Development Business.

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