How make money from home with SixFigureSunday

How make money from home with SixFigureSunday


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How make money from home with SixFigureSunday. There have been reams upon reams written on the value of travel. It gets you out of your comfort zone. It opens your eyes to new experiences. It helps you broaden your mind. Getting away from the area that you call home can also spark creativity. That’s important for everyone, not just writers, artists, or other professionals who routinely need creativity.

Get out of your regular stomping grounds. Travel at least 150 to 200 miles to an area that you do not know well. Find a place to stay and then enjoy some rest and relaxation while focusing on self-improvement.
The right plan will allow you to travel to multiple different locations throughout the course of a year, staying somewhere different in each location. Get out away from your norm here, too. If you usually stay in high-end hotels, go for a bed and breakfast. If you usually go the budget hotel route, invest in an Airbnb rental. What you want is a complete break from your established patterns.

In addition to your destination and accommodations, you need to engage in some recharge-related activities. Read selfimprovement books. Work on your business plan. Start the great American novel. Create a business strategy to help your company trump the competition.


How make money from home with SixFigureSunday. There’s no real rule on how long these trips need to last, but they do need to be “just long enough”. What you’re looking for is a duration that allows you to get a break from the everyday, recharge your mental and emotional batteries, and feel reenergized without it becoming an actual vacation. Usually, two to four days is enough for these mini-breaks. You’ll be surprised at how much these periods of self-reflection and improvement can transform where your life is headed.

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